Group Therapy

Besides individual therapy, we also offer therapy in groups. Our goal in group therapy is to improve the mental health of our patients. Therefore, we apply scientifically sound methods of behavior therapy.

In the group therapy sessions, we provide our patients with knowledge about certain illnesses and problems. Moreover, we give specific instructions on how to deal with problems and help with the implementation of these instructions in everyday life. We try to reduce the risk of relapse and prepare our patients to manage crises independently. In the group, patients can benefit from the possibility to exchange ideas and give each other feedback, for example. In addition, they can benefit from already existing problem solving strategies.

    • Current group therapy services

      1. Social skills training for eight to twelve-year-old children
        • The aim of group therapy is not only to develop interpersonal skills but also to deal with fears and insecurities in an interpersonal context.
        • The group always takes place on Mondays from 14:00 to 15:40 on the following dates: 
          • 08.04.24, 15.04.24, 22.04.24, 29.04.24,
            06.05.24, 13.05.24, 03.06.24, 10.06.24
      2. Group psychotherapeutic basic care (GG)
        • The group is an introduction to therapy. It consists of three to nine patients who are waiting for their individual or group therapy to begin and are already taking the first steps in preparation for this.
        • Relevant information about the developmental conditions and influencing factors of mental disorders is provided and participants can develop a basic understanding and initial suggestions for dealing with their individual concerns. In addition, important information about psychotherapy (e.g. procedure, treatment options, prerequisites) and how participants can contribute to its success is provided. In addition, this group offers space for questions and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other affected persons and therapeutic contacts. In this way, the GG provides the best possible preparation for psychotherapy.
        • The appointments are always on Mondays at 10:30 am and last approx. 100 minutes. Adults can take part.
        • A total of 4 dates are planned, starting on 29.04.2024.
      3. Group for self-esteem enhancement in adolescents and young adults
        • The aims of the group are to develop a realistic self-perception, to learn ways of thinking and behaving that promote self-esteem and to strengthen the perception of one's own needs and wishes
        • The sessions are always on Thursdays at 6:30 pm and last approx. 100 minutes.  Teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 can take part
        • A total of 8 dates are planned, starting on 01.02.2024.
      4. Group training in social skills (GSK)
        • GSK is a process that aims to learn and improve skills and strategies for dealing with interpersonal situations, e.g. saying no, making contact, asserting rights. The procedure is based on the scientifically founded “Group training of social skills – GSK” according to Hinsch & Pfingsten (2015).
        • In addition to the development of an individual explanatory model of social behavior, the focus of the GSK is primarily on practical application. In the GSK, you have the opportunity to bring in your own situations and work intensively in group exercises. Using role plays and interactive exercises (with video feedback if necessary), you will be given the opportunity to try things out for yourself and practise your social skills in a safe environment.
        • Contents of GSK:
          • Information transfer (psychoeducation)
          • Concrete exercises in socially difficult situations
          • Exchange with other group members
          • Transfer to everyday life