Biography of Otto Selz

Otto Selz was the President of the Handelshochschule Mannheim (later renamed as University of Mannheim) where he conducted research in theoretical and applied psychology. On account of his Jewish ancestry, he had to resign from this position in 1930. 13 years later, he was killed in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

14 February 1881 Born the son of financier Sigmund Selz and his wife Laura Selz, née Wassermann, in the city of Munich
1899 Abitur in Munich
1899 -1901 Selz studies law in Berlin and Munich, while also attending lectures on psychology and philosophy (Lipps, Stumpf, Dyroff, Brentano)
1907 Second examination for higher judicial and administrative services
1907 -1909 Selz studies philosophy in Munich
1909 Doctorate in philosophy in Munich (doctoral supervisor: Lipps)
1912 Habilitation in Bonn
1912 -1921 Senior academic staff member (Privatdozent) for philosophy and psychology in Bonn
1915 -1918 Military service
1921 -1923 Professor extraordinarius of legal philosophy in Bonn
1923 -1933 Professor ordinarius of philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy at the Handelshochschule Mannheim
1929 -1930 President of the Handelshochschule Mannheim
1933/34 Selz is released from his work duties as teacher and pensioned off
1938 Imprisonment in the Dachau concentration camp; release after five weeks
1939 Emigration to the Netherlands
1939 -1943 Teaching and research activities (partly unofficial) in Amsterdam
1941 Loss of German citizenship
24 July 1943 Detention and imprisonment in the Westerbork concentration camp
24 August 1943 Transport to the Auschwitz concentration camp
27 August 1943 Death in Auschwitz