How Do I Receive E-Mails on My iPhone or iPad?

In order to receive your e-mails on your iPhone or iPad, please use the settings recommended by Apple.

Setting up the e-mail app on your iOS device

You may need to enter the following technical data:

  • IMAP server (students):
  • POP3 server (students):
  • SMTP server:
  • Outside the university network: Please activate SSL or TLS (ports are selected automatically)
  • IMAPS/POP3S port (encryption: SSL): 993 (IMAPS) / 995 (POP3S)
  • SMTP port (encryption: TLS): 465

Good to know...

Some e-mail programs delete your e-mails only locally on the device used by you and not in the university's webmail system. Therefore, your inbox quickly becomes full and you can no longer receive e-mails.

After you have added your e-mail account to your device, please check if your e-mails are also deleted in your inbox of the webmail system. If this is not the case, we recommend to regularly delete the e-mails in your inbox:

Instructions university webmailer (Horde) – How do I permanently delete e-mails?