With a few clicks you can create ILIAS courses and ILIAS groups for you courses on Portal2.

Activate E-Learning

Requirements: Role of Department Admin or Instructor
In order to activate the access to a course on ILIAS and to have a course or group created in ILIAS, please go to the Edit Course Data view of the selected course. Open the tab “E-Learning”. In this view you will find the link to “Connect with e-learning (ILIAS)”.

 When the comment says “No relations to external systems exist.” (as in the picture above), then ILIAS is not activated yet.
 From the first dropdown box you select “ILIAS”, from the second you can then choose between two options.

Option 1: “PG as separate course”

Select this option if a parallel group is either taught independently from other parallel groups or if there is only on parallel group in this course. If you select this option, the title of the ILIAS course will be the title of the Portal2 parallel group plus the ongoing semester.


Option 2: “PG as group inside course”

By selecting this option...

  • ...an ILIAS course will be created for the selected Portal2 course. The course is not assigned to a specific semester.
  • ...an ILIAS group will be created for each selected Portal2 parallel group. A parallel group is assigned to a specific semester.

The ILIAS course will be given the same title as the Portal2 course and the ILIAS group will be given the same title as the Portal2 parallel group.


Link to ILIAS

Click on “Show details”. In this view you can find the direct link to the ILIAS group.
Activation of the course and groups can take up to 5 minutes. During this period the information “E-Learning features (ILIAS) activation in process” will be displayed. In order to update the information, please reload the course data page.
After the group and, if applicable, the course was created, the respective link will be displayed.


Add Instructors

Both, teaching instructor and responsible instructor, are assigned the admin rights for the ILIAS course and the respective ILIAS group. If you are assigned the admin rights for an ILIAS course, this does not mean that you can access all sub-groups. You can only access the sub-groups you were assigned to in Portal2.
Additionally, you can add names to assign them the admin rights for ILIAS courses and any related ILIAS groups. You find this on the E-Learning Editing View (see the description above). Just click on the instructor icon (marked in red).

 This icon will lead you to a new window, where you can search for a person by name and / or organisational unit (marked in blue). The organisational unit where the course was created will be set as search criterion by default, you can delete this by clicking on the red X (marked in orange). When you have found the right person, check the regarding box and “save” your change (marked in red). You can delete wrong assigned persons by clicking on the red X in the overview above (marked in green). Be sure to save your changes, when you're done!

These accounts will only be saved in ILIAS for the ongoing semester. You will have to reassign them again next semester.

Activation of Participants

Requirements: Course with real-time registration in Portal2, access rights to the selected ILIAS group as ILIAS admin

Instructions to administrate the registration via ILIAS (instead of Portal²)

In order to be able to access content on ILIAS, the admitted participants of a course need to be activated on ILIAS. You can only initiate the transfer of participants from Portal2 to ILIAS on the ILIAS platform. As an ILIAS admin you will find the link “Portal2-Members” in the menu bar on the left. Via this link you can activate or deactivate ILIAS for Portal2 members (see image).

If you select “Activated”, all admitted participants from Portal2 will be transfered to ILIAS. Also, any other participants, who might be added later, will be transfered to ILIAS automatically. The activated participants then have the access rights to the ILIAS course or ILIAS group and can access these via Portal2 or the ILIAS overview page.
If you select “Deactivated”,all current participants will stay on ILIAS, but no new participants will be added to the ILIAS course or ILIAS group.
For courses without real-time registration in Portal2, please use the regular ILIAS registration process. Besides adjusting the settings for the activation of participants, additional information on the participants is displayed on this page. The number of admitted students from Portal2 is displayed and you can review the settings of the ILIAS course and adjust them, if applicable. On the bottom of the page two tables are displayed. One is an overview of all admins and moderators of the ILIAS group or the ILIAS course. The other one is a list of all activated participants. The right column always displays the origin of the person: Was he or she transfered from Portal2 or added via ILIAS (e.g. registration)?


Batch Activation of Participants

If there are several parallel groups for a course (several ILIAS groups) and you have the admin rights for all those groups, you can use the batch processing option instead of processing each group individually.   For this, please select the course which is superior to the groups and go to “Portal2-Members”.
Here you will see an overview of all groups assigned to the course. You can select which groups you want to activate and which you do not want to activate. Please do not forget to save the settings.


Deactivate E-Learning

You can also deactivate the E-Learning features by selecting the trash can icon on the righthand side in the E-Learning Editing view. Click on “Save” to move the ILIAS group (or ILIAS course, if there is only one ILIAS group) to the archive. The contents of the ILIAS group will not be deleted. If the E-Learning features are reactivated, the group (and if applicable the whole course) will be moved to the active courses and the content will be available to the participants.