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Information for Re-Enrolling Students

You have already studied at the University of Mannheim and are now enrolled in another degree program? To make sure that you can still access all IT services for your studies, please find important information on your student ID card and your Uni-ID below.

  • Can I still use my ecUM?

    You can still use the ecUM you have received during your first degree program as student ID card.

    Have you lost your ecUM or is your card not working? Please go to Portal² and request a replacement card. For more information, please refer to the instructions “Where can I apply for a new ecUM?"

  • Are my Uni-ID and the corresponding password still valid?

    If you disenrolled from the University of Mannheim no longer than 60 days ago, nothing will change. Your Uni-ID and the corresponding password are still valid and you can still login to all systems of the university.

    If you disenrolled more than 60 days ago, please note the following information.

    Information on the validity of your access data:

    After 60 days, you will receive an e-mail from the University IT with the subject “Blocking your central user iD”. If you do not re-register within 14 days, your password will be blocked and will be set back to the initial password. In order to be able to login to the university systems again, you need to access the password as follows:

    1. Use the login information of your online application and login to the Campus Management System Portal². In the first steps section, you can access your initial password.
    2. Please go to to change your initial password. We recommend storing an alternative e-mail address so that you are able to set back your password online in future.

    You are unsure about the date of your disenrollment? No problem, use your Uni-ID and the corresponding password to login to the Campus Management System Portal²:

    • You are able to access Portal²? Very good, your disenrollment did take place no longer than 60 days ago. You can still use your Uni-ID and your password.
    • You are not able to access Portal²? Your disenrollment took place more than 60 days ago. You can quickly access Portal² by following the instructions on the validity of your access information (see above).
  • What are other services offered by the University IT?

    The University of Mannheim offers you a variety of IT services, such as wireless, Microsoft 365 and software at a discount. For an overview of all IT systems for students, please click here.

Did you know that...
... the University of Mannheim offers a free Microsoft 365 instance for students?
Please click here to find out more.