Time Schedule

Monday, 26 June Until 18:00 Arrival
  18:00–22:00 Opening session with keynote talk and joint dinner
Tuesday, 27 June 9:00–12:30 Parallel workshops
  14:00–17:15 Parallel workshops
  17:30 Social event
Wednesday, 28 June 9:00–12:30 Parallel workshops
  14:00–15:00 Keynote talk
  15:15–17:45 Parallel workshops
  18:00 Get-together “Women, increase your network!”
Thursday, 29 June 9:00–12:30 Parallel workshops
  14:00- 15:45 Parallel workshops
  16:00–18:30 Poster session with refreshments and snacks
Friday, 30 June 9:00–13:00 Parallel workshops
  14:00- 15:45 Keynote talk and farewell session

Parallel Workshops

Each participant is assigned to one thematic workshop throughout the summer school, with 15–20 participants per workshop. The workshops cover selected subjects of statistical modeling and quantitative methods, including a basic introduction into the topic, advanced issues and new developments in the selected field, and practical exercises (see Workshops for details).

Keynote Talks

Keynote talks provide an overview of current cutting-edge topics that are of common interest in the domain of statistical modeling and quantitative methods. The keynote talks are presented by invited experts in the respective fields, and they are held as plenary sessions for all participants and instructors of the summer school (see Keynotes for details).

Poster Session

Participants are invited to present a poster of their ongoing project during the poster session of the summer school. Thereby, the poster session allows young researchers to discuss their work with peers and senior researchers, including the workshop instructors. In addition, an active poster presentation may facilitate getting reimbursement of the traveling and accommodation costs from participants’ home institutions. Last but not least, there will be refreshments and snacks to make the poster session a pleasant social experience.

Get-together “Women, increase your network!”

The get-together for female participants focusses on the importance of networking and cooperation for career development in academia. The event headed "Women, increase your network!“ provides the opportunity to meet successful women in science in an informal atmosphere, to get first-hand information on how to network and build successful cooperations, and – last but not least – simply start networking with the fellow early-career researchers at the summer school.

All female participants of the summer school are cordially invited!

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