Due to the GIP we know that ...

… people rarely look up answers to knowledge questions if they have promised not to do so.

... an early bird incentive in a recruitment survey leads to higher response rates.

... participants are happy to disclose their location manually, but do not want it to be recorded automatically.

...public approval of political decisions decreases if they are made without transparency, regardless of what has been decided.

... constitutional judges with legal qualifications are rated positively and those with political experience negatively.

... legal gender quotas on boards of directors find more support among women than men.

...larger parties in government coalitions are given more responsibility than smaller parties.

… the exclusion of non-internet users does not substantially bias the results of online panels.

… disagreement within a party makes it less likely to be elected.

... recruitment rates of online panels with exclusively online recruitment designs are higher than with other designs, with comparable representativeness.

... surveys based on random samples have the highest data quality.

... during the corona pandemic, women have assumed responsibility for a large part of the childcare.

... online surveys have lower measurement errors than face-to-face surveys.