MCS Publications

Cornesse et al. 2022

Measurement instruments for fast and frequent data collection during the early phase of COVID-19 in Germany: reflections on the Mannheim Corona Study

Ebbinghaus et al. 2022

Welfare state support during the COVID-19 pandemic: Change and continuity in public attitudes towards social policies in Germany

Juhl et al. 2022

Preferences for Centralized Decision-Making in Times of Crisis: The COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany

Alon et al. 2021

From Mancession to Shecession: Women's Employment in Regular and Pandemic Recessions

Blom & Möhring 2021

Soziale Ungleichheit in der Beschäftigungssituation während der frühen Phase der Coronakrise

Blom et al. 2021

Barriers to the Large-Scale Adoption of the COVID-19 Contact-Tracing App in Germany: Survey Study

Bujard et al. 2021

Eltern während der Corona-Krise: Zur Improvisation gezwungen

Cornesse et al. 2021

From German Internet Panel to Mannheim Corona Study: Adaptable probability-based online panel infrastructures during the pandemic

Möhring et al. 2021

Inequality in Employment Trajectories and Their Socio-economic Consequences During the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany

Möhring et al. 2021

Is the Recession a ‘Shecession’? Gender Inequality in the Employment Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany

Blom 2020

Zum gesellschaftlichen Umgang mit der Corona-Pandemie. Ergebnisse der Mannheimer Corona-Studie

Blom et al. 2020

High Frequency and High Quality Survey Data Collection: The Mannheim Corona Study

Mata et al. 2020

Health behaviors and mental health before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal population-based survey

Möhring et al. 2020

Inequality in employment during the Corona lockdown: Evidence from Germany

Möhring et al. 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Subjective Well-Being: Longitudinal Evidence on Satisfaction with Work and Family

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COVID‐19 policies in Germany and their social, political, and psychological consequences