Research Activities

On this page you will find some of the research focus areas of Mannheim scholars.

Department of Economics

Emissions Trading and Climate Policy

The research focus of Prof. Ulrich Wagner, Ph.D., who holds the Chair of Quantitative Economics, is environmental economics. Wagner's research interests include emissions trading and the economics of international climate policy.

Business School

Personnel Management

Dr. Irmela Koch-Bayram conducts research on the use of artificial Intelligence in personnel management and the responsibility companies have.

Sharing Economy

Prof. Dominika Wruk is assistant professor for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and, as part of the i-share network, analyzes sharing economy organization models and their social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Organization of Society

How should the economy and politics be organized to serve society best? Prof. Oliver Spalt and his team from the Chair of Financial Markets and Financial Institutions conduct research on this question.

Gender-Specific Inequalities

Prof. Marc Lerchenmüller, junior professor for Technological Innovation and Management, researches gender-specific inequalities in academia.

Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainability

Prof. Bernd Helmig, who holds the Chair of Business Administration, Public & Nonprofit Management, conducts research, among other things, on the topic of public-private partnerships as an instrument for achieving sustainability-oriented goals.

The Future of Energy

The Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies (MISES), headed by Prof. Stefan Reichelstein, Ph.D., conducts research on the challenges and innovation opportunities arising from the shift to an energy supply without the use of fossil fuels. Every person interested is welcome to join the seminar on decarbonization and read the MISES newsletter.

Data Mining

Data mining involves different approaches and raises questions of responsibility. Prof. Jana-Rebecca Rehse, who is junior professor for Management Analytics, integrates sustainability into research and teaching to address these topics.

School of Social Sciences

International Relations

Sabine C. Carey, professor for Political Science and International Relations, analyzes how human rights violations lead to the (de-)escalation of repression and domestic armed conflicts.

Open Science Days

The Open Science Days at the University of Mannheim can be traced back to one person in particular: Prof. Edgar Erdfelder, Chair of Cognitive Psychology and Differential Psychology.

School of Humanities

Climate Ethics and Climate Debate in Philosophy

Prof. Bernward Gesang conducts research on climate ethics and the question of how a sustainable society can be ethically justified. Several seminars, lectures, and master courses at his chair primarily focus on these research topics.