Ways to Get Involved

At the University of Mannheim, there are many student organizations that are committed to sustainability. Several projects and activities of the university and its partners pursue similar goals. With the overview provided on this page, you can find out where and how to get involved.


    AEGEE is the largest student organization in Europe and provides a platform for projects and initiatives beyond national borders. It offers a great variety of topics so students can easily find something they are interested in and get involved.

    To the AEGEE website

  • International Meeting Center (AIESEC) Mannheim

    AIESEC is the largest, youth-led organization in the world. Their goal it is to teach young people leadership skills in a sustainable manner. Through the local committees, students can become members of AIESEC Mannheim.

    To the AIESEC website

  • Working Group “Sustainability at the University of Mannheim”

    The working group meets twice per semester. Everybody interested is welcome. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Lara Reimer.

  • AStA Campus Department

    The AStA Campus Department is committed to improving the university campus. Ongoing projects and ideas on a sustainable campus can be discussed and implemented together with the Campus Department.

    To the website of the AStA Campus Department

  • Cup to Go

    Reusable, robust coffee cups instead of disposable plastic cups: Cup to Go allows students of the higher education institutions in Mannheim to use regular cups and return them at one of the return points. Disposable cups are therefore avoided and replaced by reusable cups. The concept of Cup to Go was developed by the Studierendenwerk Mannheim and has already been implemented at the University of Applied Sciences and the University of Mannheim. The Studierendenwerk is planning to introduce the concept into the other Mannheim institutions as well.

    Follow this link to learn more about Cup to Go

  • Diversity Audit “Vielfalt Gestalten“

    Since December 2021, the University of Mannheim has been taking part in the diversity audit process offered by the Stifterverband, the German business community's innovation agency for the country’s research system. In the context of the “Vielfalt gestalten” (shaping diversity) audit, the university and its members are seeking approaches to (further) develop and implement the diversity strategy.

    Every university member is always welcome to participate in the two-year process and help promote diversity at the university. The contact person for matters related to the audit is Alexandra Raquet, Head of the Department of Equal Opportunity and Social Diversity (alexandra.raquetmail-uni-mannheim.de).

  • Volunteering Fair

    Absolventum is the alumni network of the University of Mannheim. In cooperation with the City of Mannheim, they organize the Volunteering Fair to bring together students and non-profit organizations from the Rhine-Neckar region. Their goal is to find suitable and flexible volunteering opportunities for students and alumni, and strengthen the social network.

    To the website of the Absolventum Volunteering Fair

  • Enactus Mannheim e.V.

    Enactus Mannheim sticks to the three principles of entrepreneurship, community, and sustainability in their work to support sustainable and social start-ups. Interested students can apply to become members of Enactus.

    To the Enactus website

  • FUSO.MA – Forum für Unternehmen und soziale Organisation in Mannheim e.V.

    FUSO.MA is an association of students and alumni committed to improving communication between companies and non-profit organizations in the Rhine-Neckar region. Interested students can participate in the weekly meetings and get involved in the organization of events.

    To the FUSO.MA website

  • Guest Student and Senior Citizen Program

    The Guest Student and Senior Citizen Program is for people of every age. You can choose from a wide-ranging offer of courses of all departments and attend courses together with regular students. There are also some services specifically designed for guest students and senior citizen students.

    To the Guest Student and Senior Citizen Program website

  • Green Office Universität Mannheim e.V.

    The working groups of the University of Mannheim’s Green Office implement strategies to make the university more sustainable. Students are always welcome to join the organization and contribute to protecting the environment.

    To the Green Office's website

  • Infinity Mannheim e.V.

    The student organization was the first regional branch of the German INFINITY network. Together with experts, their goal is to detect, discuss, and solve problems linked to the climate crisis. Problem solvers are always welcome to join.

    To the INFINITY Mannheim website

  • Kids’ University

    The Kids' University provides children under 13 with the opportunity to experience research and to discover their interest in complex global issues. You can register for the Kid’s University via the University of Mannheim website.

  • Mannheim Forum

    The interdisciplinary conference Mannheim Forum provides participants a platform for discussion and the opportunity to attend workshops. It is organized by students of the University of Mannheim. Students and companies can get involved and promote the idea of interdisciplinary communication.

    To the Mannheim Forum website

  • Q-Summit an der Universität Mannheim e.V.

    The Q-Summit is a conference for entrepreneurship and innovation in Germany organized by students. Team members, participants, and speakers can become a part of the Q-Summit.

    To the Q-Summit website

  • School Makes You Strong

    The “Schule macht stark – SchuMas” (school makes you strong) initiative of the federal and state governments is committed to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged pupils. In this context, educational researcher Prof. Karina Karst and her team at the University of Mannheim are working on the establishment of a regional SchuMaS center. Their goal is to support and advise around 50 schools in the South of Germany.

    Click here to find out more about the initiative.

  • Scientists for Future Mannheim

    Scientists for Future is a network of researchers from all fields. The regional group in Mannheim supports the work of Fridays for Future. People who would like to join, share their ideas, or make suggestions are always welcome.

    To the website of Scientists for Future Mannheim

  • Studium Generale

    For over 30 years now, Studium Generale has been organizing further-education courses at the University of Mannheim. The offers are rhetoric courses, project management, IT skills, language courses and many more. Everyone who is interested can participate.

    To the Studium Generale website


    The UNICEF Hochschulgruppe Mannheim is part of the United Nations Children’s Fund and is dedicated to improving children’s welfare around the world. Students can use and increase their individual strengths for a good cause.

    To the website of the UNICEF Hochschulgruppe Mannheim

  • Uni-Cleverlinge²

    The Uni-Cleverlinge² program aims at helping children overcome difficulties at school and develop confidence in taking on daily challenges. Students of the University of Mannheim can become Mentor² and share their experiences and knowledge with their mentees.

    To the Uni-Cleverlinge² website


    The feminist network WUMAN advocates equal opportunity at the level of higher education policy. Their goal is to educate, establish networks, shape research and teaching, and strengthen the discourse on equal opportunity and diversity. WUMAN invites master’s students, teachers, and researchers of the University of Mannheim to join them and support their goals.

    To the WUMAN website

Is your organization or project missing? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Lara Reimer who will be glad to add them to the list.