Konferenzen und Seminarpräsentationen


  • Stefan Reichelstein, Presentation on Entkarbonisierte Energie: Die Beschwerliche Wende to the Stiftung of the University of Mannheim, July 2021
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Presentation on Corporate Carbon Disclosures  at a Conference on Accounting for Sustainability and Responsible Investment hosted by the Sustainable Investment Forum video-recorded, July 2021
  • Stefan Reichelstein, In-house presentation to PwC consultants on Cost Dynamics of Electrolysis-Based Hydrogen, June 2021
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Co-organizer of the workshop „SynErgie-Workshop on Electricity Market Design“, June 2021
  • Gunther Glenk, Speaker on “Renewable vs. Traditional Power Generation: The State of the Race”, Expert discussions, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, April 2021


  • Gunther Glenk, Speaker on “Cost Competitiveness of Alternative Power Generation Technologies”, Brown Bag Seminar, December 2020
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Speaker on “The impact of forward contracts on collusion supply functions”, Brown Bag Seminar, December 2020
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker on „The Rapid Advances in Renewable Energy“, Energy Investment Forum 2020, Budapest, November 2020
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, ZEW seminar, October 2020
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Lecturer, Summer School “Accounting for Capacity Investments”, Institute for Management Studies, University of Vienna, October 2020
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Panelist, Professional Accounting Conference, University of Toronto, October 2020
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Keynote Speaker, World Hydrogen Congress, Paris, September 2020
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker on „The Role of Hydrogen in Decarbonized Energy Economies“, Energy@Stanford Conference, Stanford University, September 2020
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Lecturer, Online Lecture 'Economics of the Clean Energy Transition' at Stanford University, June 2020
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker at the Sustainable Finance Workshop at the Bundes­bank in Frankfurt on “Cost Competitiveness of Clean Energy Investments“


  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, joint MISES/ZEW seminar, December 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Presenter, Wissenschaft­licher Beirat MRN GmbH, December 2019
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, lecture series „Insights and Perspectives“, Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, December 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, MIT CEEPR Energy Workshop Boston, November 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, PwC Global Energy, Utilities & Resources Conference, November 2019
  • Gunther Glenk, Speaker, Zero CO2 Mobility Conference Aachen, November 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Gunther Glenk, Speaker, Industrial Dialogue at the University of Nuremberg, October 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Nikolas Wölfing and Gunther Glenk, Speaker, GEABA Symposium, September 2019
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, Verein für Sozialpolitik, September 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, University of Mannheim, September 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, Schlossfest at the University of Mannheim, September 2019
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, American Accounting Associatin San Francisco, August 2019
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, MSE Colloquium Munich, August 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Organizer, Industrial Dialogue at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, July 2019
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, Meeting at Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI), Darmstadt, June 2019
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, VHB Annual Meeting, Rostock, June 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Plenary Speaker, Production and Operations Management Society, Washington DC, May 2019
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, Bergen Competition Policy Conference, Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics, April 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Panelist, Conference on Climate-Related Financial Reporting, Cambridge University, April 2019
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, Accounting Research Committee, Verein fuer Socialpolitik, Basel University, March 2019


  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, VHB Symposium on “Sustainability in Global Value Chains”, Augsburg, October 2018
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Panelist, „Shaping Germany“ – Expert Panel Discussion on Energy Policy in Germany and the EU, University of Pittsburgh, October 2018
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, GEABA XIX. Symposium zur Ökonomischen Analyse der Unternehmung, Frankfurt, September 2018
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Plenary Speaker, Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft, Duesseldorf, September 2018
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, 7th Mannheim Energy Conference, ZEW, May 2018
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, 6th International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues, IPAG Center for Energy Economics and Environment & CGEMP, Paris, May 2018
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, UCLA Accounting Workshop, UCLA, March 2018
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, 15th Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research, WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar, March 2018
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Delegate, Jefferson Innovation Workshop, Washington DC, February 2018


  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, Burton Workshop, Columbia University, November 2017
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, 6th Lindau Meeting on Economics Sciences, Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, August 2017
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, MSE Colloquium 2017, Technical University of Munich, July 2017
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, Summer Academy „Energy and the Environment“, IKEM, July 2017
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Lecturer, Summer School “Capacity Investments: Planning and Control”, Institute for Management Studies, University of Vienna, June 2017
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, ICRE8, Athens, June 2017
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, 66th International Congress of the French Economic Association, AFSE, June 2017
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, 11th Conference on the Economics of Energy and Climate Change, Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse, June 2017
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, Theory of the Firm Committee, Verein fuer Socialpolitik, Frankfurt, May 2017
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Plenary Speaker, 6th Mannheim Energy Conference, ZEW, May 2017
  • Gunther Glenk, Presenter, ETH PhD Academy, Zurich, May 2017
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, 15th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference, Boston, April 2017


  • Stefan Reichelstein, Presenter, Contemporary Accounting Research Conference, University of Waterloo, October 2016
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Speaker, Doctoral Consortium of the Canadian Accounting Association, University of Waterloo, October 2016
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, 5th Mannheim Energy Conference, ZEW, May 2016
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, 4th International Symposium on Energy and Finance Issues, IPAG Energy Economics Center & CGEMP, Paris, March 2016
  • Nikolas Wölfing, Presenter, Nachwuchsworkshop „Umwelt‐ und Ressourcenökonomie“, Verein für Socialpolitik, Leipzig, February 2016