More Scholarships

Please find below a selection of additional scholarships.

  • Aufstiegsstipendium

    The Aufstiegsstipendium offered by the Stiftung Begabtenförderung berufliche Bildung (sbb) supports professionals with a vocational qualification in completing their first academic degree.

  • Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM

    Thanks to targeted support, the Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM enables qualified young people to spend time abroad and thus to broaden their horizons. The Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM for students is a program run by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.

  • Schmalenbach Scholarship

    The Schmalenbach Scholarship is aimed at students pursuing a master's program in business administration or similar at universities in German-speaking countries who have also earned their bachelor's degree at a university in the German-speaking world.

  • State-run organizations for the promotion of young talent

    For an overview of the organizations for the promotion of young talent, to which students and doctoral candidates can apply themselves, please visit the website of state-run organizations.

    Some foundations have liaison lecturers in Mannheim that you can contact.

  • Klaus Murmann Fellowship Program

    The Klaus Murmann Fellowship Program run by the Foundation of German Business (SDW) is aimed at high performing students and doctoral candidates from different areas of studies who exhibit initiative and social commitment.

    In addition to financial aid, scholarship holders attend interdisciplinary seminars. The Studienkolleg program is also part of the Klaus Murmann Fellowship Program. It is particularly designed for students of teacher education programs.

  • Studienkompass

    The Studienkompass is a funding program for school pupils and students, which was established on the initiative of the Accenture Foundation, the Deutsche Bank Foundation, and the Foundation of German Business (SDW). The program provides young adults with a non-academic background with intensive guidance for their studies and career.

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You can find an overview of all scholarships available on the Studieninformation Baden-Württemberg website (only available in German).