10 years of Deutschlandstipendium

Testimonials of scholarship holders

March 2021 – Christian Schulz

The Freunde der Universität Mannheim e. V. will sponsor Deutschland Scholarship holder Christian Schulz, in his first semester of the master’s program in Economics, in the academic year 2020/21. He sees this scholarship as an expression of confidence: “We scholarship holders are being told that we are on the right track with what we have done and achieved so far. This means a lot, especially in times of crisis with shortened semesters, online teaching and limited internship opportunities.“

– March 2021

April 2021 – Jessica Jokers

Jessica Jokers is currently completing her bachelor's program in Business Administration and she is sponsored by the noon Foundation. Here she tells us what this support means to her:
“For me, the Deutschlandstipendium means more than financial relief. The close contact with the sponsor makes the Deutschlandstipendium unique. With the noon Foundation, I am lucky to have a sponsor by my side who supports me financially as well as ideally.”

– April 2021

May 2021 – Silas & Sören Hengstberger

Silas Hengstberger is studying the Integrated LL.B. and State Examination Program in Law and his brother Sören Lars is studying the Master of Education in Teacher Education in Economics and Political Science. They are funded by the Wilhelm Müller Foundation and the BBBank Foundation. Here they reveal why the Deutschland Scholarship is a worthwhile investment:
“The Deutschland Scholarship gives young people the freedom to invest a lot of time in their studies and simultaneously take on social responsibility. Thanks to the funding during the last years, we have been able to tackle additional challenges besides honorary posts in our sports club: in law studies, it was possible to do scientific research and thus prepare for a doctoral degree even before finishing the first state examination. In the teacher education program, the scholarship made it possible to take up parallel and contact studies, which help to equip the following generations for the challenges society faces.”

– May 2021

June 2021 – Janina Fabriz

Being ambitious in sports and doing volunteer work alongside your studies? That is possible for Janina Fabriz thanks to the support she receives from the Deutschland Scholarship. She is studying the Bachelor's Program in Culture and Economy with a focus on French Studies and her scholarship is funded by Hays AG. This year, she is taking part in her first triathlon after having been active as a finswimmer for years and finishing third at the Finswimming World Cup 2017 in Italy over 1500 meters. Moreover, she is a member of the student organization Leselernhelfer Mannheim e.V., a non-profit association that offers reading support for primary school kids in Mannheim. “Especially in these times of online teaching and alternating lessons, I felt it was important to support children overcome linguistic and technical barriers. The main focus, however, is on conveying the joy of reading beyond the school setting.”

– June 2021

July 2021 – Jakob Langenbahn

Jakob Langenbahn is currently studying the Mannheim Master in Data Science and is funded by BASF SE. The Deutschland Scholarship enables him to realize practical voluntary projects alongside his studies: “Together with other committed students, I have built up the students initiative STADS Mannheim e.V. (Students’ Association for Data Analytics and Statistics), which has now over 100 active members,” says Langenbahn. He is proud that the initiative has, among other things, already taught more than 500 people the basics of the Python programming language in free courses. In addition, the members of the initiative offer data analytics consulting projects for organizations and companies.

– July 2021

August 2021 – Theresa Poralla

“The Deutschland Scholarship allows you to further your cultural education and to get involved where you think it’s important and right,” says Theresa Poralla. What excited the former scholarship holder and alumna of the University of Mannheim the most about her scholarship was that it allowed her to set the priorities in her studies and her free time entirely at her own discretion. She used the freedom provided by the scholarship for a French course and for traveling to Marseille. Furthermore, she got involved in the Amnesty International student organization and did voluntary work at the food bank Tafel Mannheim during the Covid pandemic. Theresa studied the Bachelor's Program in Culture and Economy: German Studies and was funded by Samsung Electronics and the Otto-Mann-Stiftung.

– August 2021

September 2021 – Marc Osswald

Inspiring kids and teens with his enthusiasm for soccer in addition to studying and having a student job: this is was the Deutschland Scholarship made possible for our alumnus Marc Osswald. He has been a trainer and event manager at the soccer school of the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim for several years. In camps and trainings, he taught adolescents the fun of movement as well as of social activities. “The Deutschland Scholarship was a positive investment in my and the society’s future because the funding gave me time and financial freedom that I could use specifically to do voluntary work,” says Osswald. He studied the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education at the University of Mannheim and was funded by the Wilhelm-Müller-Stiftung. He also had student jobs at valantic GmbH and Bilfinger SE.

– September 2021

December 2021 – Alicia Minnerup

Scholarship holder Alicia Minnerup is studying the Mannheim Master in Management in the 5th semester and is funded by the Union Investment Stiftung. She particularly appreciates the non-material support she receives: “The Deutschland Scholarship enables contacts with a very committed scholarship provider, through which I was able to get to know the company better, among other things. In addition, the funding offers the opportunity to get to know many committed students from different programs at the University of Mannheim and to exchange ideas across disciplines.”
Thanks to her scholarship, Alicia has enough free time to be involved in the departmental student committee of business administration, where she advocates the interests of her fellow students.

– December 2021