Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship

The Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship of the University of Mannheim Foundation aims to open up opportunities: The scholarship intends to enable students in a disadvantaged position to take up or complete their studies.

Students are funded for up to one year. At the end of the funding period, they can reapply for the scholarship. The selection committee individually decides on the amount of funding for each student.

Application process

  • Requirements

    You can apply for the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship if you are currently studying or if you have applied for a Bachelor program at the University of Mannheim. Candidates applying for a Master program at the University of Mannheim are excluded from the scholarship program. We accept applications from all schools and departments and from all semesters. However, we require good grades and regular course attendance and coursework. When deciding on the allocation of scholarships, we consider the economic, family-related, and personal circumstances of each student. These include, for example, urgent emergencies, a lack of support from family, disabilities, illnesses, or taking care of relatives.

  • Application Deadlines

    Only applications in due form and time containing all required documents will be considered. No documents can be submitted later.

    The application deadlines vary depending on the study program and status:

    2 May to 31 May 2024

    Application period for students already enrolled in a master's or a bachelor’s program at the University of Mannheim.

     3 June to 1 July 2024

    Application period candidates applying for a bachelor’s program at the University of Mannheim

Please submit the following documents

  • Online Application

    The completed online application.

  • Curriculum vitae

    Please include a detailed, current curriculum vitae (CV).

  • Letter of motivation

    The letter of motivation (one to two pages) offers the opportunity to explain in detail why you apply for the scholarship. Please consider the following questions when composing your letter of motivation:

    • Why do you apply for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
    • What does your financial situation look like? What kind of financial distress are you experiencing at the moment?
    • What is your current personal situation?
    • What are your professional and personal plans for the future?
    • Is there any information that should be considered when deciding on the allocation of scholarships that has not been requested in the online application?
    • International students: How do you intend to meet the financial requirements for your visa?

    Please direct your letter of motivation to the selection committee.

  • University entrance qualification

    Please submit a copy of your university entrance qualification. For example, your Abitur or an equivalent qualification.

  • University degree certificates

    Please submit a copy of your university degrees, if available. For example, a bachelor’s degree certificate or other university degree certificates.

  • Recent Transcript of Records

    You can obtain a Transcript of Records from the Express Service. Please make sure to include your current average grade if you have already acquired more than 30 ECTS. The transcript of records including the overview of grades from Portal2 is sufficient, too.

  • Proof of financial situation

    Proof of your financial situation with appropriate supporting documents. Please indicate of all financial resources – including any financial support for example from your parents – available to you each month on the online application and assure the truthfulness of your indication. The foundation can request the submission of relevant proof after the application.

  • Proof of personal, family- or health-related circumstances

    Please inform us of all circumstances that are relevant for the application. If documents only exist in a different language, they need to be translated into German or English.

  • Any other relevant documents

    These include, for example, proof of professional experience, certificate of vocational training, prizes, awards, birth certificate etc. provided that they are relevant for the application. If documents only exist in a different language, they need to be translated into German or English.

  • Information on residence card

    This only applies to international students.

Online Application

We will send you an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application documents. The foundation reserves the right to request further information or obtain them from a third party. Once the application deadline has expired, please do not submit any additional documents without being asked to do so.

Please note that there is no legal entitlement to receive funds from the foundation.

Applicants for a study place at the University of Mannheim have to apply for a study place first before applying for the scholarship. You have to start studying at the University of Mannheim before you can receive the scholarship.

Frequently asked questions

General questions

Questions regarding the application

Questions regarding the form of the application

Questions regarding international students

  • Do I have to be a German citizen to be eligible to apply?

    No. International applicants are also eligible to apply for a scholarship. You must be enrolled or have applied for a study place at the University of Mannheim.

  • Are students with an international university entrance qualification also eligible for funding?

    Every university entrance qualification accepted for enrollment at the University of Mannheim can also be used to apply for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship.

  • Do I have to provide an official BAföG letter if I am an international student?

    Provided that you are a German citizen, every application has to include a BAföG letter of approval or refusal.
    In special cases, international students can also receive BAföG payments. This applies to students

    • with one parent holding German citizenship,
    • who are or have been married to a German citizen,
    • who are entitled to asylum, are stateless, or have found refuge in Germany,
    • of whom one parent has been legally employed in Germany for three years within six years prior to the start of the applicant’s studies, or
    • who themselves were legally employed in Germany for at least five years prior to the beginning of their studies.
    • In addition, the applicants have to meet further requirements determined by BAföG.

    International students who do not meet any of the requirements listed above should give a short statement hereto in their application. In this case, the applicant does not have to submit a BAföG application.

  • I do not have received my residence card yet. Can I hand it in later?

    Yes. If you have not yet received a residence card, please hand it in later and indicate so in your application.

Questions regarding data protection

  • Why do you ask about my personal circumstances and why shall I disclose them?

    The Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship is aimed at students showing a high level of commitment in their program of study who experience persistent financial need. The scholarship aims to support them in continuing their studies despite straining circumstances. As a prerequisite for receiving the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship, the beginning, continuation or completion of the applicant’s studies must be severely endangered due to personal circumstances. These may differ widely in each individual case. In order for the selection committee to be able to make a just decision, it is thus important that all circumstances are known and confirmed. For further information, please read the data protection policy in the online application.

  • Will the funding organization receive my application?

    You disclose your data to the University of Mannheim and the University of Mannheim Foundation. Additionally, members of the selection committee have access to your personal data. Representatives of private sponsors and funding organizations are also part of the committee. The selection committee will be provided with your data in summarized and tabular form. Furthermore, the members of the committee receive your letter of motivation and your curriculum vitae. In case you are awarded a scholarship, your data will be transferred to the funding organization. However, this is only possible if you have given your consent in the application. For further information, please read the data protection policy in the online application.