Welcome to the Mannheim Center for Data Science

The Mannheim Center for Data Science (MCDS) joins the University of Mannheim’s expertise in economics, business, social and behavioral sciences.

It is our mission

  • to further improve the understanding and value of data,
  • to explore the digital transformation of individuals, business and society using structured and unstructured data,
  • and to identify rules for the responsible handling of data and analytical methods for the benefit of society.

We want to enable innovative interdisciplinary research that understands processes underlying societal stability and change and addresses global challenges that are also relevant to local institutions and industry.

The MCDS sees itself as a platform to connect and reinforce Data Science related research and topics at the University of Mannheim and beyond. To this end, we engage in activities and foster science communication by regularly informing our faculty as well as the public  about new projects and progresses in the field of Data Science at the University of Mannheim.


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