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The following courses are mentored at the Mannheim Center for Data Science: 

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Mannheim Master in Management Analytics

The Mannheim Master in Management Analytics provides young professionals with the knowledge and mindset for a successful career in business. Digital innovation, Big Data as well as Business and Management Analytics are crucial developments for the upcoming challenges in all business areas.

Mannheim Master in Data Science

The Mannheim Master in Data Science (MMDS) program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain operational insight from large and complex datasets. The program is interdisciplinary and is run as a collaboration of University of Mannheim’s Data and Web Science Group, Institute of Business Informatics, Department of Sociology, Department of Political Science, and Institute of Mathematics.

International Program in Survey and Data Science (IPSDS)

The new International Program in Survey and Data Science (IPSDS) is a modular training program that allows you to tailor your curriculum to your personal and professional needs. You can attend courses from anywhere in the world because IPSDS is based on a flexible, web-based learning environment.


Mannheim Master in Business Research

Be part of one of the strongest business research universities in Germany. Our Master's program MMBR ideally prepares for doctoral studies or a career in quantitative fields of business, such as investment banking, market research or supply chain optimization.

Prospective Doctoral Students

The Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) at the University of Mannheim provides graduate training in empirical and quantitative methods as well as their application to business, economics, and the social sciences.