The following research interests are represented at the Mannheim Center for Data Science:

Artificial Intelligence

Our group conducts fundamental and applied research in knowledge representation formalisms with a focus on reasoning techniques for information extraction and integration.


Combining Passive Mobile Data with Surveys

In several projects, we explore ways of combining passively collected data from smartphones with self-reports from users.

Using Machine Learning to Predict Panel Attrition

We use machine learning to identify predictors of participation and nonparticipation in longitudinal surveys.

Trust when Sharing Data Online

We conduct research on the willingness to share data online, the concerns users have when sharing their data, and how much they trust different organizations with their data.

From Data to Insights – Big Data Analytics in Business

“From Data to Insights” is a research area of the Chair of Quantitative Marketing and Consumer Analytics at the University of Mannheim.


Web-based Systems

We explore technical and empirical questions concerning the development of global, decentralized information environments.


Data Analytics

Our group's research focuses on systems and methods for analyzing and mining large datasets as well as their application in practice.


Computer Vision

Grouping problems such as Image Segmentation, Motion Segmentation, Efficient Video Segmentation, Semantic Segmentation and Multiple Object Tracking.


Web Data Mining

We look on using structured and semi-structured web data as background knowledge in data mining problems.


Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

The NLP and IR group at DWS conducts research on integrating knowledge from heterogeneous Web sources.


FDZ of the UB Mannheim

The Research Data Centre of the University Library provides specialized data sets from the economic and social sciences, in particular company data. The work of the FDZ focuses on the production of research data by converting historical, printed sources into electronic formats, e.g. in the stock-exchange data archive.