Das Mannheimer Barockschloss und der Ehrenhof unter blauem Himmel.

The Freunde der Universität Mannheim Association

The bodies of the association are the board of directors and the board of trustees.

The board of directors consists of five non-university members who have significant professional experience and a special connection to the university – mostly as graduates. In addition, the President is a permanent member of this body and thus is a direct link to the university. In accordance with the statutes, the board of directors is elected every two years.

In addition to the board of directors, a board of trustees was created which consists of leading personalities from the business world and society. They share their experience, knowledge and connections in an annual strategy meeting with the board of directors, in this way benefiting the university. In accordance with the statutes, the board of trustees is elected every three years.

Members of the board of directors

Dr. Josef Zimmermann
Long-term member of the Deutsche Bank board of directors, Mannheim
Andrea Riedmann
Vice chair
Partner audit at KPMG AG
Dr. Wolfgang Thomasberger
Former chairman of the board VR Bank Rhein-Neckar eG, Mannheim
Rektor Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl trägt ein dunkles Jacket, ein helles Hemd und eine Krawatte mit Paisley-Muster.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl
Carl Otto Schill steht vor einem abstrakten Gemälde. Er trägt ein graues Jacket und ein weißes Hemd.
Dr. Carl Otto Schill
Supervision of scholarship holders
Managing Director Value Partnership Management GmbH und Schill Holding GmbH

Honorary members

Prof. Dr. Carl-Heinrich Esser

The reason I serve on the board of trustees of Freunde der Universität Mannheim is the permanent interest in “my” alma mater, to which I owe beautiful, interesting and eventful years of study and the tools for a successful professional life.

Dr. Axel Weber / Credit: Jula Jacob

Rektor Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl und Dr. Josef Zimmermann von den Freunden der Uni Mannheim geben sich die Hand
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