Scholarships for Bright Minds

The scholarship system at the University of Mannheim was developed in 2007. Approximately 250 students are being funded each year. Each scholarship has its own application process and is aimed at different target groups. The University of Mannheim thus offers one of the most nuanced scholarship systems of any state higher education institution in Germany. The Freunde der Universität Mannheim have been supporting the scholarship system from the very beginning.

Currently, the association awards 15 Deutschland Scholarships and thus is one of the largest providers of Deutschland Scholarships at the University of Mannheim. Students do not only receive financial support, but are also given access to the association’s network and vast experience of its members.

The annual scholarship ceremony provides a festive setting for the presentation of the certificates and the initial contact between sponsors and scholarship holders.

Thanks to the Deutschland Scholarship I was able to fully concentrate on my academic goals and at the same time had the freedom to volunteer in the UNICEF Hochschulgruppe, among other things. Thanks to the funding I received, I was able to complete an unpaid internship at a foundation in the field of development cooperation during the last six months of my studies. This internship enabled me to start my professional career at the foundation, where I now pursue a job that is very fulfilling for me. I am very grateful for the support I received from the Freunde der Universität Mannheim and their sponsors in the past years. In addition to financial funding, this also involved sharing ideas and experiences – first online, and later on site and in person.

Patricia Blank, graduate of the bachelor’s program in Political Science / Credit: Stay-Stiftung

Thanks to the support I have been receiving from the Freunde der Universität Mannheim since my first semester, I can focus on my studies and my activities in the departmental student committee without having to worry about finances. The reliable long-term support enables me not only to provide support for my fellow students, but also to look beyond my own professional horizons. This includes, for example, the meetings with Dr. Zimmermann, who regularly introduces me to new ideas from Mannheim's cultural scene that I wouldn't have thought of myself, but which have enriched my life beyond the library on many occasions.

Tom Könemann, student of the master’s program in Law / Credit: Katrin Glückler

Rektor Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl und Dr. Josef Zimmermann von den Freunden der Uni Mannheim geben sich die Hand
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