Scholarships for bright minds

The scholarship system at the University of Mannheim was developed in 2007. Approx. 250 students are funded each year. Each scholarship has its own application process and is aimed at different target groups. Thus, the University of Mannheim offers one of the most differentiated scholarship systems among official higher education institutions in Germany. The “Freunde der Universität Mannheim” association has supported the scholarship system from the very beginning.

Currently, the association awards 15 Deutschland Scholarships and is therefore one of the largest providers of Deutschland Scholarships at the University of Mannheim. The students do not only receive financial support, but also access to the network and vast experience of the association.

The annual scholarship ceremony provides a festive setting for the presentation of the certificates and the initial contact between sponsors and scholarship holders.

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As a member of Freunde der Universität Mannheim you will support committed young people, pioneering research as well as the exchange between research and society. In addition, you will receive special access to the President's Office, academic staff members and the knowledge culture of the university.