Lectures and Events

Services we offer to our members include invitations to events such as the Schlossfest and the Universitätstag, as well as access to lectures by researchers of the university.

Castle festival “Schlossfest”

For 16 years, the University and the City of Mannheim have been welcoming first-year students and their families, citizens of Mannheim and university staff members at the Castle festival “Schlossfest”. It takes place on the first Saturday after classes begin, usually the first Saturday in September, and gives students the opportunity to introduce “their” university to their families and friends. But the castle festival is not only for students and staff members. The free cultural program is also open to all friends and partners of the university as well as all interested citizens. You are all invited to celebrate and exchange ideas in a festive atmosphere.

From noon to midnight, guests will enjoy a mix of art exhibitions, musical performances, academic presentations and a get-together. Members of Friends of the University Mannheim “Freunde der Universität Mannheim” will receive an invitation to this special event.

University Day

Each spring, about 180 invited guests from the worlds of science, business and society celebrate the Day of the University of Mannheim in the Rittersaal of the Schloss. The President of the University of Mannheim reflects on the university’s achievements during the past year. He also talks about the main priorities and challenges for the upcoming year, whether it concerns science, teaching and university administration or construction activities on campus. The visitors learn about key issues the University of Mannheim has dealt with and that will strongly affect it in the future. During the Castle festival, committed donors and supporters of the university are honored and teachers receive the Teaching Award for their excellent teaching performance. After that, university members and guests have the opportunity to engage in conversation.

Members of Friends of the University “Freunde der Universität Mannheim” will receive an invitation to this exclusive event.

Presentations following the general meeting

The general meeting is followed by presentations giving a special insight into current research at the University of Mannheim. The topics covered vary each year.

Lecture by Professor Beatrice Kuhlmann on the topic of “Memory and ageing”

Professor Rosemarie Tracy gave the presentation “Vom Eigenleben und Unterhaltungswert der Sprachen im Kopf” (“The entertainment value of the languages in your head and how they have a life of their own”)

Presentation on “Fear” by Professor Georg Alpers, holder of the chair of Clinical and Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy

This presentation made an interesting local reference: Professor Dr. Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, chair holder of Political Science and Political Sociology spoke on the topic “Political communication in the everyday life of Mannheim citizens” and gave insight into the research project “Mannheimer Stadtgespräch”.

Presentation on “Bewegte Gesellschaft. 1968 in der deutschen Nachkriegsgeschichte” (“Society in motion. 1968 in German postwar history.”) by professor Philipp Gassert, chair holder of Contemporary History.

Presentation by professor Oliver Brand, chair of Private Law, Insurance Law, Business Law and Comparative Law: “Der gläserne Versicherungsnehmer” (“The transparent insurant”)

Edgar Erdfelder, professor of cognitive and differential psychology, answered the question “How does the episodic memory work?” in his presentation.

Professor Rosemarie Tracy, chair holder of English Linguistics and expert on multilingualism, discussed the question “How many languages can your brain learn?” in her presentation.

Presentation on “Links oder rechts und für oder gegen Europa? Parteien und ihre Position zur europäischen Integration” (“Left or right and for or against Europe? Parties and their position on European integration”) by professor Thomas König, chair holder of Political Science, European Politics.

Back in 2013, the current Leibniz Prize winner professor Michèle Tertilt gave a presentation on “Families and the economy”.

Rektor Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl und Dr. Josef Zimmermann von den Freunden der Uni Mannheim geben sich die Hand
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