Board Risk Oversight and Environmental and Social Responsibility

Carolyn Deller
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
May 2, 2022 – 05:00 – 06:15 PM (CET)
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Speaker Bio
Carolyn Deller is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses mainly on the design and outcomes of management control systems used by organizations to enhance employees’ motivation, ability, and opportunity to reach their full potential. Carolyn received a DBA (Accounting and Management) from Harvard Business School, and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) from the University of Melbourne in Australia. She teaches undergraduate managerial accounting.


Seminar Abstract
Risk oversight has emerged as an important responsibility of corporate boards. At the same time, firms are increasingly recognizing the risks that social and environmental issues pose to investors and stakeholders. In this study, we examine the relation between board risk oversight and firms’ environmental and social (E&S) ratings. Using proprietary data on the board risk oversight practices of firms from 29 countries, we show that firms with more robust risk oversight have higher E&S ratings, are more likely to integrate E&S issues into their strategies and executive compensation contracts, and ultimately experience better E&S outcomes.

Read the paper here.


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