“Freunde der Universität Mannheim” consider themselves as the gateway to the outstanding university and its surrounding social, cultural and especially economic factors. Connections and activities in both directions are thus one of the friends’ main concerns. Therefore, the association supports events that, on the one hand, share the university’s expertise with the surrounding community, and on the other hand, provide input from society and the economy. Some examples are the Digital Changemakers Summit, the Mannheim Forum and an event of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs.

Past Events

  • Digital Changemakers Summit

    For eleven years, the chair of Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Mannheim has organized a workshop and lecture weekend twice a year. It was initially known as CSR weekend, but the name of the event has recently been changed to Digital Changemakers Summit. Once a semester, the Digital Changemakers Summit focuses on a selected topic from the overarching field of “digital social innovation”, which is examined from various perspectives through lectures as well as a “hackathon” with workshops. This weekend, sponsored by Freunde der Universität Mannheim, brings together highly motivated students with inspiring people from research, business, politics and (social) organizations.

    Find more videos of previous Digital Changemakers Summits on Youtube:

  • Mannheim Forum

    The Mannheim Forum is an annual three-day congress that aims to bring students from all disciplines into an interdisciplinary dialogue with personalities from politics, business and society. With over 500 participants, the Mannheim Forum is one of the largest student conferences in Germany. Panel discussions, lectures, and workshops on current topics take place over three days. In 2020, the Mannheim Forum took place for the eight time. The leading theme was „VerAntwortung“ – a wordplay with the German words for “answer” and “responsibility”.

    Freunde der Universität Mannheim support the Mannheim Forum financially, in finding speakers as well as topics, and in designing the content.

  • Expert meeting on “Women and supervisory boards – Encounters make a difference“

    On 29 June 2019, a special event took place in the Kunsthalle art gallery in Mannheim. At the invitation of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU), interested members of the association came together to talk about problems and opportunities of female executives in supervisory boards. In addition to short lectures and a panel discussion, which was also attended by the mayor of Mannheim, Dr. Peter Kurz, the viewing of specifically selected works of art inspired an examination of gender roles and the potential strengths of female executives.

    Freunde der Universität Mannheim were partners of the event and their chair Dr. Josef Zimmermann was particularly involved in encouraging the exchange of ideas about a work of art he had presented. 

An excellent education cannot be taken for granted. Providing support is one of the most important contributions civil society can make.

Dr. Carl Otto Schill, Managing Director, Schill-Holding GmbH / Credit: Dr. Carl Otto Schill
Rektor Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl und Dr. Josef Zimmermann von den Freunden der Uni Mannheim geben sich die Hand
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