Riskevaluation-Software for EUDR Compliance in Deforestation Regulation


The European Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is a European regulation designed to ensure that the consumption of and trade in wood-based raw materials and products does not contribute to deforestation and/or further degradation of forest ecosystems. In alignment with the EUDR objectives, we are seeking highly motivated and skilled master's level computer science students to undertake a collaborative team project. This project entails the development of specialized software for effective implementation and monitoring of the EUDR guidelines.

Project Scope:

The selected team of students will be responsible for designing and implementing software that addresses key aspects of the EUDR. The primary functionalities of the software include:

Risk Evaluation Module:

Utilize data from a comprehensive database to assess and evaluate the risk of deforestation associated with wood-based raw materials and products.

Develop algorithms and models to analyze data patterns and identify potential risk factors contributing to deforestation.

Anomaly Detection Module:

Implement an anomaly detection system to assess whether the quantity of produced goods aligns with the size of specified land plots.

Devise algorithms to detect discrepancies and irregularities in the relationship between production volume and land plot dimensions.


We are looking for a dedicated team of master's level computer science students with expertise in the following areas:

Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, or similar languages for web development and data processing tasks.

Database Management and Integration

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Software Development and Implementation

This team project offers a unique opportunity for aspiring computer scientists to contribute to the promotion of sustainable practices and environmental conservation through cutting-edge technology. We look forward to receiving your applications and working collaboratively towards the successful development a EUDR-compliant software.