European Master Team Projects (MTP)

The European Master Team Project is a cooperation between the Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES) and the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Students from the University of Mannheim team up with students from Romania and work on projects together. Usually the teams meet in Germany as well as in Romania. The projects will be supervised by Dr. Christian Bartelt.

Project Setup

  • Total duration: 6 months
  • Cluj students participate in project for 3 to 4 months
  • Exchange trips depend on travel regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic, but are desired and fully sponsored by the organizers.
  • Applicable for Master's Program in Business Informatics, Mannheim Master in Data Science and other study programsupon request.

Student Reviews

Master Team Projects 2022 Mannheim – Cluj

A student Diary from the European Master Team Project 2022

Upcoming Projects


The aim is to develop an AI-algorithm, capable of automatedly assessing the liver in Computed Tomography (CT) scans and indicate, if abnormalities like metastases require further imaging or treatment.

Riskevaluation-Software for EUDR Compliance in Deforestation Regulation

This project entails the development of specialized software for effective implementation and monitoring of the EUDR guidelines.

Intelligent Hospital Logistics

This team project aims to develop robust AI-based routing strategies that integrate world-knowledge from large language models to meet the challenges of clinical processes and heterogeneous supplies. 

Physical Guards – AI based Security for Smart Home

The project involves setting up a sophisticated smart home system, complete with microcontrollers and sensors that mimic real-life scenarios, thus generating relevant data. Students will construct their dataset using this setup and simulate potential security breaches.

Current Projects

Lunatic Driving AI

The students will develop a benchmark testing environment for the evaluation of machine generated sets of test cases for self-driving vehicles. The core will be a completely customizable driving AI capable of doing several driving mistakes and safety violations.

Goal Based Traffic Control

In this Master Team Project, a traffic control system will be developed, that controls traffic lights in a simulated environment (SUMO traffic simulator) on the basis of the recognized goals of observed traffic participants.

AI-powered Webcrawler for Business Information Extraction

The objective of this project is to design, implement, and deploy an AI-powered webcrawler that efficiently navigates through business websites in a hierarchical manner, identifies relevant data points, and employs NLP techniques to extract crucial information related to the company's operations and structure.

Past Projects

Decision Support Tool for Acute Stroke Diagnosis

In this Team Project, a decision support tool for acute stroke will be developed.

Route Planning Tool for Green Parcel Delivery

The scope of this Team Project is to develop a prototype for an AI-based route planning of the pick-up stations as well as a data platform to monitor all processes.

Board Game AI 2

The objective of this international team project is the development of an intelligent agent to play the board game Turing Tumble. The game agent should be trained using reinforcement learning (RL) in order to solve simple logic challenges building on the implementation of a predecessor project.

Project „AI Testing Simulator“

In this project students develop a simulated testing environment for autonoumos driving

Project “Chain News Monitoring”

In this project students develop a News Monitoring System about violations of human rights and social irresponsibility using Artificial Intelligence, in particular Natural Language Processing.

Project “AI Board Game Agent”

The objective of this international team project is the development of an intelligent agent to play the board game Turing Tumble.

Project “Hitchhike Box” and “Board Game AI”

Short description and diary of the International Master Team Projects 2022  “Hitchhike Box” and “Board Game AI”.

Project „Emergent Mobile App Selection“

In this project students develop a mobile app selection application that emergently configures the set of selectable apps at runtime.

Project „Neural Power“

In this project the students use artificial intelligence to identify and schedule the shiftable energy consumption of households.

Project “AI Drone Pilot”

This Master Team Project focused on hands-on experience with drone software systems in combination with AI concepts in a playful environment.

Project “Van Assist”

This project developed a mobile application with an own backend.


Nils Wilken

Nils Wilken

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