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About Us

Being a central institution within the University of Mannheim, the Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES) works on an interdisciplinary basis across faculties. The main purpose of InES is to actively enhance the valuable exchange between science and practice in the field of enterprise systems.

The Institute

With its competencies and portfolio in research and teaching, the University of Mannheim offers ideal starting conditions for the expansion of a research institute for business information systems (Enterprise Systems). At the end of 2010, this potential was recognized by various actors from the University of Mannheim and the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK) in Stuttgart. The foundation was confirmed in the spring of 2011 by the Senate and University Council of the University of Mannheim. The InES is based on the so-called “Industry-on-Campus Model” and represents a cross-faculty central institution for the active promotion of the exchange between science and practice.

InES is offering a platform of interdisciplinary linkage between scientists, students and companies in the context of Enterprise Systems.

Organizational Structure of the InES

The Institute for Enterprise Systems is managed by a board of directors consisting of three InES Members, one Managing Director and two representatives. The Managing Director, on the one hand, represents InES on an internal and external basis, and, on the other, is responsible for ongoing business activities (including the execution of decisions by the board of directors). Furthermore, there is a managing director who is in charge of the operational management of InES. Members of InES are Professors and Junior Professors of Mannheim University.

Our Advisory Board consists of high-profile representatives from industry, politics and science. Their main task is evaluating our business development and consulting InES on its longterm strategic positioning.

Annual Reports

Here you can download our annual report (in German).