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Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES)

With its competencies and portfolio in research and teaching, the University of Mannheim offers ideal starting conditions for the expansion of a research institute for business information systems (Enterprise Systems). The InES is based on the so-called “Industry-on-Campus Model” and represents a cross-faculty central institution for the active promotion of the exchange between science and practice.

We Offer

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A cooperation platform for Enterprise Systems research.

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Science-based solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Attractive carreer opportunities in science and practice.


Drones Delivering Lab Samples Offer Much Potential for City Logistics
After three years, researchers of the Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES) of the University of Mannheim and six other project partners have successfully completed the “mobil-e-Hub” project. At the closing event, which took place in Heidelberg last week, they showed how a drone can automatically ...
New Project on Machine Learning for Supply Chain Optimization
The KISync research project aims to investigate how methods of artificial intelligence (AI) must be applied to solve the decision problems of different processes in the synchronize operational supply chain planning under the influence of uncertainties. Included is primarily intended to support ...
New Project on AI-based Management of Planning and Construction Documents
The digitization and optimization of active processes in the construction industry using methods of artificial intelligence is of strategic interest for those involved in construction. The aim of this project application is the development of an AI-based system for the semantic classification and ...
Does your smartphone make you healthier? – User Behavior Mining for mHealth
A presentation by Prof. Dr. Jana-Rebecca Rehse at the 2022 Eduard-Martin award ceremony at the Saarland University