Booking an apartment in the Guesthouse

Please adhere to the following regulations as they facilitate the processing of your request.

Institutions of the University of Mannheim

All chairs and institutes of the University of Mannheim are entitled to book accommodation for their international scholars. Please first register the international scholar at the Welcome Center by using the registration form (Betreuungsauftrag). The respective form can be found on the registration of international scholars by the chairs and institutes (Intanet) page.

The staff of the Welcome Center will then contact you and the international scholar and arrange for accommodation in the Guesthouse or, if necessary, support the international scholar in finding accommodation on the free market.

As part of the services provided by the Welcome Center, we comprehensively support international scholars in all non-academic matters. 

External research institutions

Accommodation in the Guesthouse of the University of Mannheim is also available to guests of research institutions that are not affiliated with the University of Mannheim (e.g. ZEW, IDS, GESIS, University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, ZiTi, Transatlantik-Institut, UMM, and ZI). Accommodation is allocated according to availability. Please note that university institutions and chairs have priority in booking apartments in the Guesthouse.

As an external institution, please fill out the form Wohnraumantrag Externe and submit it to the Guesthouse Administration.

Please note that the Welcome Center can offer support services in non-academic matters only to members of the University of Mannheim. Guests of external research institutions will only be provided support by the Guesthouse Administration in matters regarding their accommodation in the Guesthouse.