All apartments in the Guesthouse are fully furnished with a bed, towels, closet, desk, dinner table, chairs, television set and telephone. Fresh bedding is provided and will be washed periodically.

Except for apartment 12 in L2, all apartments have a kitchen. The standard equipment includes: refrigerator, hot plate, cookware, dishes, cutlery, glasses, and cups.

The bathrooms of the apartments are cleaned regularly by the maintenance staff.

A laundry room with three washing machines and three tumble dryers is situated in the basement of the Guesthouse in building L 2, 2–4. The fees for a washing load or a dryer load can be payed with ecUM- or Mensa-Card at a terminal in the laundry room.

Wireless Internet access is available in all apartments of the Guesthouse.

Here, you can find an exemplary inventory list for a 1-room apartment as well as several floor plans of different apartments.