Prices and Terms

Please refer to the price list for the exact rates. Please be aware that it is not possible to book a specific apartment. We will offer you an apartment that is available during the desired period of time and that suits your needs best.

One-room apartment (20 qm – 33 qm), 1 bed, suitable for only 1 person

EUR 380 – EUR 540 / month

Two-room apartment (35 qm – 45 qm), 1 double bed, suitable for 2 persons

EUR 580 – EUR 650 / month

Three-room apartment (56 qm), 1 double bed + 1 bed couch, suitable for 2 – 4

Four-room apartment (48 qm), 1 double bed + 2 beds, suitable for 4 persons

EUR 780 / month

Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period is 14 days. If the rental period is longer than 14 days but shorter than a month, the rent is charged per day.

You may pay the rent and the security deposit either cash or by bank transfer or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Security deposit
If you are going to stay at the Guesthouse for more than two months, you are obliged to pay a security deposit to the amount of EUR 400. You may either pay the security deposit in cash or transfer the deposit to the bank account of the University of Mannheim along with the first monthly rent. After your stay in the Guesthouse, we can only reimburse your security deposit once you have handed in the Deposit Reimbursement Form.

Sample rental agreement
Please have a look at the sample rental agreement where you will find the terms & conditions for renting an apartment. 

Overnight guests and extra beds
As a rule, the apartments of the Guesthouses of the University of Mannheim may only be occupied by the number of people indicated in the tenancy agreement. One-room apartments may only be occupied by one person. As regards the bigger apartments, the number of people allowed to live in them depends on the number of beds available in the respective apartment (i.e. 2–4 persons). 

Overnight guests (e.g. friends and/or relatives) of course have the possibility to rent an extra bed (cot and bed linens). A fee is required to cover the additional costs incurring for an additional person (electricity, heating, water) as well as the costs of installing the additional bed and washing the bed linens.

Rent per day: EUR 10
The fee will be charged per day, so the minimum rate for one night is EUR 20 (for example: 1 night from 3 April to 4 April = 2 days = EUR 20)

Special prices:

  • Long-term use of an extra bed (for an additional person) from the 16th day onward: EUR 150 per month
  • Use of an extra bed as a substitute for an existing bed (meaning no additional person): EUR 1 per day / EUR 30 per month 

As part of the university’s family-friendly policies, the following special prices for accompanying children have been set:

Children (up to 11 years of age): A lump sum of EUR 20 per child is to be paid only once irrespective of the rental period.

This sum includes a travel cot and a highchair for younger children. If the child is too big for the baby cot, an extra bed will be provided. Thanks to generous donations from our university staff members, we are also able to offer further children's equipment (e.g. a children's bike, a children's car seat, etc.). Moreover, a playroom for children is located on the 4th floor of the Guesthouse in L2, 2–4. Here, children will find many toys that they may also take to their apartment (but please return them prior to your check-out).

Please note: Since the lump sum for children is intended to cover the incurring additional costs of the child, it will be charged regardless of whether you bring your own travel cot or not.