User ID and ecUM

Employees, visiting scholars and enrolled doctoral students will receive an individual user ID from the University IT. The user ID allows you to take full advantage of the world-wide roaming access service developed for international researchers, called eduroam (education roaming)  and any online services provided by of the University of Mannheim. You will receive your user ID from the Welcome Center upon your arrival.

As employee or visiting scholar at the University of Mannheim, you will receive a personalized smart card called ecUM (electronic card of the University of Mannheim) upon commencement of your employment or visit. The ecUM allows you to make use of several services that you will need often during your stay in Mannheim:

  • personalized university ID (for staff members) or
  • personalized guest ID (for visiting scholars, external doctoral candidates, etc.),
  • library card to search and borrow books and other media from the Mannheim University Library,
  • access to several buildings (needs to be unlocked by your hosting chair),
  • use of your personal printing and copying account (for information on activation and use of the account please visit the website of the University Library),
  • cashless payment (Mensa, University IT, Library, PC rooms, etc.),
  • purchase of laundry tokens (applies if you live in the Guesthouse of the University).

How do I get my ecUM?

The ecUM is issued at the counter of the University IT at the InfoCenter (Schneckenhof West). You will receive your ecUM on condition that you already have a user ID of the University IT. The Welcome Center will be happy to provide support.
Please note: Visiting scholars without an employment contract may only receive the ecUM on condition that they stay for at least 3 weeks at the University of Mannheim. If this is not the case, you can get an ecUM guest card from the Mensa instead. The Welcome Center will inform you in each case.

How to load money onto the ecUM

You can load money onto your ecUM at the “Infothek” in the Mensa building, the cafeteria EO, Café Soleil or at the cashiers in the Mensa. If you stay in Mannheim for a longer period, it might come in useful to participate in the Autoload system that requires a German or European bank account. For further information on the process please have a look at the website of the Studierendenwerk.