Hans-Peter Röttig

Mercedes-Benz AG

Decarbonization of Automotive Retail from OEM´s perspective
October 16, 2023 – 05:15 – 06:30 PM (CEST)

To join in person, just come to the room O 129 (i.e., in the castle, building Ostflügel, level 1, room 29). To join virtually, please register in advance using this link.

Speaker Bio
Hans-Peter Röttig pursued his Business Economics Studies at the University of Mannheim from 1985 to 1991, earning a Dipl.-Kfm. degree with a specialization in Marketing, Industrial Management, and Physical Technology.

In 1991, he embarked on his professional journey with Mercedes-Benz AG. Over the years, Hans-Peter has taken on various pivotal roles within the Marketing & Sales domain. Some of his notable responsibilities have included overseeing Sales and Operations Planning for Commercial Vehicles, implementing Customer-based process costing, managing Customer Relations­hip Management in the Marketing of Passenger Cars, spearheading the Customer Satisfaction Programme CSI No. 1, and contributing to Brand Management at Retail.

Currently, Hans-Peter Röttig holds the position of Manager Retail Strategy. In this capacity, his primary focus lies in the development of strategies and providing support for the implementation of sustainability initiatives within Mercedes-Benz's global sales organizations.

Seminar Abstract
With Ambition 2039 Mercedes-Benz has set the target of making the fleet of new vehicles net carbon-neutral over the vehicles´ entire life cycle by 2039. Mercedes-Benz´ Sales Organization and Retail Network are an important part of the value chain. Besides an introduction of the Decarbonization strategy for the Retail Network we will discuss open questions and challenges which came up during the strategy design.

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