E-Mail Service for Staff Members

Communicate securely and manage meetings and tasks with our e-mail services

In addition to a personal e-mail box, we offer all staff members of the University of Mannheim additional solutions to manage meetings and tasks. Synchronization of the services on mobile end devices is also possible.

How can I use the e-mail service?

Login to the Horde web mail system with your UNI-ID and the corresponding password:

You are a professor and are unable to login? Please login here:

Webmailer for professors

Migration to Microsoft Exchange

Starting in March 2022, University IT will begin migrating all mailboxes to a central Microsoft Exchange Server to provide a unified mail system for all University user groups. Due to the high number of mail accounts, the migration of the individual mail systems is divided into several tranches and is expected to take until the end of the year.

Your mailbox has already been migrated to the Exchange mail system or the migration date for your mailbox is approaching? You can find all the information and instructions that are important for you at Microsoft Exchange.

Verknüpfung mit E-Mail-Programm

You would like to work on your e-mail and calendar by means of e-mail software on your device? Not a problem. We show you how to connect your e-mail account with Outlook or Thunderbird or how you can receive e-mails on your iPhone or iPad:

Requirements, technical details and availability

  • Requirements of use

    Legal requirements:  

    • Users are solely responsible for sharing their address books, calendars and saved data.
    • Please observe the terms of use.

    Technical requirements:

    • The e-mail and calendar services are available for all common web browsers and e-mail applications.
    • You need your Uni-ID and the corresponding password.
  • Technical details

    IMAP Settings for Horde

    IMAP server (incoming server/incoming e-mails):
    Students: students.mail.uni-mannheim.de
    Staff members: staff.mail.uni-mannheim.de
    Professors1: staff.mail.uni-mannheim.de

    1You are a professor and the information above does not help?
      Please try: staffmail.uni-mannheim.de

    SMTP server (outgoing server/outgoing e-mails):

    You are a professor and the information above does not help?
    Please try: staffmail.uni-mannheim.de

    IMAP port: 993
    Encryption: SSL/TLS

    SMTP port: 465
    Encryption: SSL/TLS

  • Service availability

    We guarantee a 99.9 percent service availability. However, we cannot exclude downtime in individual cases.
    Should this be the case, please contact our support team via e-mail or telephone (+49 621 181–2000). We will help you as quickly as possible.

Spam and phishing
For information on how you can detect malicious e-mails and protect yourself against attackers,
please refer to our
security tips