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Information Material

Downloads, instructions, links to external websites

Here you will find some easy-to-understand material we drafted to share information and tips. You can download these materials and share them with your colleagues. In addition, you can find more detailed information and explanations in our section on security tips.

Besides the information given here on our website, there are other helpful websites which are worth a visit. We present you these websites below.



KeePass password manager

Stolen password? Count us out. Manage your passwords easily and securely with KeePass:

Instructions KeePass (in German)

Encryption Tools

Encrypted ZIP archive

Encrypt files and folders quickly and easily in a ZIP archive:

Instructions Encrypted ZIP archive (in German)


With Cryptomator, you can create encrypted and extendible folders:

Instructions Cryptomator (in German)


Encrypt entire data carrier, such as USB sticks or external drives with VeraCrypt:

Instructions VeraCrypt (in German)

Links to external websites

Has my e-mail address been compromised in a data breach? If yes, in which data breach? On this website, you can find out this information. However, we strongly advise against entering your passwords on this or another website to have them checked!

On Heise Security, you will find the latest news on security vulnerabilities and critical updates which may also be relevant to your personal life (in German).

Here you will find decryption tools for ransomware. However, these are mostly decryption tools for older ransomware versions.