Microsoft 365

Communication and collaboration platform for employees

The Microsoft 365 cloud service offers employees of the University of Mannheim the option to use various applications for digital communication and collaboration.

We have set up an extra instance for students. For more information, please see M365 for students.

How to Login to Microsoft 365

In the following instruction we would like to show you how you can sign in to Microsoft 365 and access the individual applications:

How to Login


Besides the Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio (basic version) the following M365 applications are active and ready for use:

We will continuously extend our offer. After extensive tests and quality assurance measures, we will make additional applications available to you.


Terms of use and data protection policy

Please observe the terms of use and the data protection policy that apply to the use of all M 365 applications:

Terms of use for the M 365 Cloud Services

Data protection policy for using M 365

Leave of absence

Use of Microsoft 365 during your leave of absence

If you are on leave of absence as an academic or non-academic staff member, the scope of use of Microsoft 365 changes. During this period, you can only use the M365 applications (e.g. Excel, Word, ...)  on a browser-based basis.

If you wish to make full use of M365 during your absence, you can purchase a license through your institution.

Important tips for your protection!
To protect your data, certain settings are already centrally preconfigured by us. However, we do not have access to the so-called “optional connected experiences”, which are collected by Microsoft, among other things so that third-party providers can deliver functionalities for M365. We recommend to deactivate the “optional connected experiences” manually in your privacy settings.

You can find the settings at

  • Windows (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Project or Visio) at File → Account → Account data protection → Manage settings.
  • Mac (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or OneNote) at Settings → Privacy Settings.
  • iOS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote or Visio) at Settings → Privacy Settings.

How can I store my data in an encrypted form?

In the instructions for Cryptomator, we explain how you can encrypt data with the free Cryptomator application.