Policies of Tennis Courts

1. Tennis Shoes/ Sport Shoes
To prevent damaging the clay courts only (plain) tennis shoes without treads (no running shoes, no cleats, no studs) are allowed. Infringement will result in sending-off, claims for damages may be enforced.

2. Booking a Court
Courts have to be booked online via the website of the Institute of Sports. The court's number is on the booking confirmation. 

3. Occupancy
Players need a booking confirmation in their name for every court they wish to play on.

4. Identity Check
The booking confirmation in combination with the student ID are sufficient for identification. In cases of doubt players have to prove their identity with the help of their ID.

5. Maintenance
The required time for maintenance is already scheduled into the occupation time. Five minutes before the end of the occupancy the court has to be troweled off, the necessary equipment is available at the venue. If it's dry please use the irrigation system and sweep the lines.

6. Start of Play and Playing Time
Start and end of play are every hour on the hour. If the weather permits the courts are open during the following times: Mon-Sun (public holidays included) 7am-10pm. The courts are closed for daily maintenance from 10am-11am. The Institute of Sports may close the courts on short notice due to the weather or due to extraordinary measures and events.

7. Playability of The Courts
The courts are considered unplayable if there is water on the surface. The courts are considered playable again after they have dried off extensively. Instructors, groundsmen or supervisors decide upon the playability. Their orders have to be followed.

8. Infringement
Infringements against the rules may lead to exclusion from participation. The players have to follow the orders of instructors, supervisors, and groundsmen. The players accept the regulations upon receiving the booking confirmation.

9. General Information
The house rules of university sports in combination with the regulations for the tennis courts are binding for the use of the courts. Using the courts during free play is at one's own risk. The orders of the supervisors have to be followed, repeated infringement leads to exclusion.