Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer students and employees of the University of Mannheim a versatile, high-quality and inexpensive range of sports, games and exercise.
With this offer, we want to create a health-promoting balance to the daily study and work routine as well as promote intercultural exchange and thus contribute to the acquisition of social skills and to an open and integrative culture at the University of Mannheim.
We are convinced that, in addition to “classic” types of popular and competitive sports, modern forms of games and exercise as well as digital trend sports must also be offered. Our aim is to constantly evaluate, modernize and adapt the program to the changing needs of the participants.
We strive with passion and enthusiasm to motivate the greatest possible number of people from our target group to actively participate in university sports and to create optimal conditions for this. This includes the possibility of a flexible integration of sports into the university's daily routine through short distances.
The centralization of all offers close to campus is therefore a permanent and central element in our efforts to establish sports as an important part of university life.