Row of trees and green space in front of the university building


“As a place of learning and research, the University of Mannheim sees itself as having a special responsibility to promote sustainable development. In order to further expand its exemplary function, the focus in the future will be in particular on the strategic expansion of its own sustainability measures.”

Against the background of this objective of the University of Mannheim, the Institute of Sports has also analyzed its areas of activity and processes and is working on improving sustainability in 6 defined spheres of activity:

  •     Sports Facilities, Energy & Technology
  •     Mobility
  •     Office / Administration
  •     Course program
  •     Awareness raising / behavioral change of participants
  •     Events & activities

The measures range from the use of a cargo bike and the inclusion of plogging events in the sports program to striving for the highest energy standards in the construction of new sports facilities / core renovation and rededication of buildings to sports facilities.