Policies of Alfred-Delp-Sports-Facility

Access to the Alfred-Delp-sports-facility is only permitted to eligible persons. Instructors, sports attendants and authorized persons of the Institute for Sport (IfS) are entitled and required to check the access authorizations and to deny access to persons who are not authorized to access them. The respective booking confirmation combined with the student card is valid as a game card. In case of doubt, the identity card must be presented.

The Alfred-Delp-sports-facility is available for supervised gaming operations of university sports (see sports program). In addition, for students, especially for student groups such as initiatives, university groups, student councils but also chairs, it is possible to reserve by the hour the all-weather pitch by means of a single appointment or a subscription.

Detailed information can be found here.

1. Opening hours

As far as the weather permits, the all-weather pitch is opened at the following times:

Monday – Friday 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

2. Assisted gaming operations

In case of overcrowding, the respective exercise instructor is entitled to limit the number of participants. The maximum number of participants on the field is 21 students in football, 48 students in basketball and 12 at the beach. Advance reservations are not possible – first come, first served.

3. Subscription

Booking a subscription entitles you to use the course once a week at a fixed time for the entire semester for a pre-arranged sport. The minimum number of participants on the field is 10 students in football, 8 students in basketball and 4 students at the beach. If the minimum number of participants falls below, these must be filled. In the event of an infringement, the right to use may be revoked by the IfS. The booking is only possible online via the homepage of the IfS. Due to the limited capacities, each student can book only one subscription per sport in the time of Mon – Thu. More information can be found on the internet.

4. Free playing time (single date)

During the free play time the place is at a certain time & day freely available. Since the simultaneous use of football and basketball is excluded, the following rule applies: on the days of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the sport basketball has priority, that means, football can only be played if the court is not claimed by basketball players. On the days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, the football has priority, that means, basketball can only be played if the pitch is not used by footballers. Reservations in advance at the place are not possible – considering of the priority regulation of sports – it applies first come, first served. The minimum number of participants on the field is 14 students for football, 6 students for basketball (per basket), and 4 students at the beach. If the number of participants is not reached, other students should be integrated into the free game. The admission ticket for the sports facility can be booked online via the homepage of the IfS.

5. Courses and special events

take precedence over free game operation or subscriptions. This also applies if, due to blockages, reserved hours must be transferred to other places or times at short notice. Up-to-date information, such as special events can be found in the allocation plan on the Internet. For this purpose, the system can be blocked by the IfS. If an appointment has to be canceled by IfS, you will be always informed by the secretariat by e-mail and, if it is very short (on the same day), additionally by phone.

6. Provision for self-organized tournaments

Upon request, members of the university (for tournament events, etc.) can also book the sports facility once, for several consecutive hours (from 3 hours) in a block. The application form and further information can be found on the Internet.

7. Floodlighting system

For the use of the floodlight system, the purchase of light cards is necessary.

8. Footwear

On the all-weather course you may only play with sneakers (no studded or studded shoes). In the case of infringement, you can be excluded and claims for damages can be asserted.

9. There is a ban on smoking and alcohol on the sports grounds.

10. Independently barbecuing, the use of glass bottles and the serving of alcohol is not permitted on and at the sports facility and requires prior approval by the IfS.

11. Each participant is obliged to properly dispose of waste before leaving the sports facility.

12. The implementation of courses not authorized by IfS is prohibited!

13. Damage and defects

Damage and defects must be reported to the Institute of Sport immediately. For damages that occur due to improper use or negligence, the person conducting the booking is fully liable.

14. Parking two-wheelers

The parking of two-wheelers within the facility is not permitted for environmental and safety reasons. We ask the bicycles at the bike stands off.

15. Toilets

Toilets are available in the library area A5, part A, EC.

16. Violations of the policies

In case of violations of this policies, the eligibility to play may be withdrawn. The players have to follow the instructions of the commissioner (teachers/ supervisors) and the course attendants and acknowledge the order of the site upon receipt of the booking confirmation or use. Failing to comply with the rules above, you can and will be excluded from the use of this sports venue!

Warning: Finger rings and other jewelry can be caught in the nets. If it is wet, there is a risk of slipping. Attention risk of injury!

17. The use of the sports facility is at your own risk.

Warning: Finger rings and other jewelry can get caught in the nets. There is a risk of slipping in damp conditions. Warning: Risk of injury!