Yoga Studio C7

Are you seeking for a relaxing counterbalance to your busy academic life?

A regular yoga practice can help you improve your concentration and physical well-being. Through the conscious alignment of breath, body and mind, you will train skills in mindfulness as well as flexibility, agility and strength on the physical level in compact groups.

Our yoga studio is located on the 1st floor of the C7 Dance and Yoga Center. There we offer a variety of weekly classes, in-depth workshops and special yoga events: From traditional hatha yoga to dynamic vinyasa styles and health-focused fascia or back yoga, there's something for everyone! On individual events you can also participate in cocoa ceremonies, workshops on Yin Yoga, film screenings or meditations.

There are courses in German and English, for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. In winter they are held indoors, and in summer they can be practiced outdoors on a shady meadow if needed.

We look forward to seeing you in our yoga studio!

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