Yoga Library

Our yoga studio now has a small yoga library, which you can find in the practice room on the 1st floor. There we provide you with selected books on topics such as yoga philosophy, meditation techniques and mindfulness practices.

In-depth reading alongside your regular yoga practice allows you to immerse yourself in the traditional and comprehensive yoga teachings. By expanding your knowledge of yoga, you can support your path to a mindful and balanced lifestyle.

How does borrowing work?

If you want to borrow a book from the yoga library, all you have to do is enter the book title and your personal details in the small booklet on the bookshelf. You can then keep the book for a maximum of one month. Yoga teachers and course participants can use the library equally.

We urge you to handle the books with care and return them on time. This is the only way we can maintain the library service and allow as many yoga practitioners as possible to benefit from it.

If you like our new yoga library or if there is a book on yoga that you can recommend for the library stock, please write to us at!