Service Learning

Service learning combines teaching with social engagement. That’s why, unlike traditional lectures, these courses contain both theory and practice. Students first focus on theories and methods in seminars and exercise courses. They then learn how to apply this knowledge during a social project, where they work with non-profit partners such as schools, museums and clubs. Service learning courses, therefore, don’t just develop students’ subject knowledge, they also enhance students’ social and personal skills.

The University of Mannheim encourages service learning. The Center for Teacher Education and Educational Innovation supports teachers with course planning, finds partners, helps teachers to didactically coordinate the course and project, and provides material, for example.

If you are interested in using the service learning format, please contact Ms. Derkau.

Further Information

The following links are only available in German:

Service learning at the University of Mannheim

Guide for teachers


Julia Derkau

Julia Derkau

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