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Educational Innovation

The Center of Teacher Education and Educational Innovation (ZLBI) encourages educational innovation at the interface between the university and society and supports its implementation. We initiate the development of collaborative structures with various persons and organizations to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between our university and society. This allows for innovative teaching and project formats at the university. The focus is on real-life challenges and their reflection.

  • We enable collaborations with actors in (civil) society.
  • We promote social responsibility.
  • We develop and evaluate innovative teaching formats.

In addition, we would like to gain insights into the learning effectiveness of the initiated teaching and project formats and the development of competences of the involved actors. To achieve this, the ZLBI works together with the subject-specific chairs of Education Sciences and Teaching Methodology at the University of Mannheim.

The ZLBI actively participates in projects, processes, and calls for proposals that aim at developing educational innovation and transfer structures.

If you are interested in educational innovation, then take advantage of the collaboration opportunities with the ZLBI.

Current Projects

The ZLBI is currently involved in various national and international projects.

For more information about the respective projects, please click here.

Background and Theory

The ZLBI combines academic learning with action, e.g., in project-oriented forms of teaching and learning.

Learn more about our theoretical background.

The ZLBI supports employees at the University of Mannheim to test new, creative and courageous project forms. For more information, please go to the Intranet.