Policies for all Venues

All participants are obliged to use the venues and equipment carefully and according to the rules. The rules of this policy and additional rules pertaining to the venues have to be respected and adhered to.In cases of infringement, the Institute of Sports reserves the right to exclude participants temporarily or permanently from participation.


1. Eligibility
Eligibility for university sports is the precondition for access to the venues during their opening hours. Upon entering, eligiblity has to be proven to the supervisors without being asked.

2. Opening hours
The opening hours of the venues are given in the programme and on the website of the Institute of Sports.

3. Clothes and hygiene
Participants must wear clean indoor sports shoes that are not worn outside. Appropriate sports clothes are also mandatory. The use of a towel may be required on machines and mats for hygiene reasons. Beverages have to be in break-safe, lidded containers, glass bottles are not allowed. Colouring or tinting hair is not allowed in the bathrooms as well as shaving.

4. Proper use of equipment
Different equipment is available at the venues. The participants have to put away what they used during the courses. Emergency exits have to remain easily accessible. All users are asked to check the venues, equipment, materials, and machines for safety defects. If they are unsure, an instructor should be asked to check the equipment in question for them. Possible defects have to be reported without delay (at the latest on the next working day) to the responsibles at university sports. The users are liable for intentional or negligent damages or soiling of the venues, as well as for other damages they cause. Bikes (and motorbikes) are not allowed inside the venues, they have to be parked within the designated areas. Smoking and alcoholic beverages (bringing along as well as consumption) are not allowed in the venues.

5. House regulations
The supporting organisation or a commissioned supervisor exercise the domiciliary rights. Violations of the house regulations and the prerequisites for participation may result in exclusion.

D2 FitnessGym & 55 CrossGym
Tennis Courts
Health Centre E7
Unisporthalle Theodor-Heuss-Anlage
Sauna E7 (permanently closed)
Alfred-Delp Sports Facility in Friedrichspark