School System and Teacher Education

What is it like in Baden-Württemberg?

Secondary schools

The most well-known are the secondary schools, including the higher academic secondary schools (Gymnasium). Pupils who successfully complete the Gymnasium acquire the university entrance qualification (Allgemeine Hochschulreife (AHR)). If you complete the preparatory service (Referendariat), you are entitled to teach at higher academic secondary schools (Gymnasium). You can teach at higher academic secondary schools, but also at joint secondary schools and, under certain conditions, even at vocational schools. Following your studies, it has now also been possible for some time to acquire an additional qualification for teaching at primary schools.

Vocational schools

In Baden-Württemberg’s school system, there are not only secondary schools, including the higher academic secondary schools (Gymnasium), but also vocational schools. Vocational schools are very important. Multiple types of schools fall into this category. If you are interested in becoming a teacher and working with older pupils and with adults, teaching at vocational schools might be the right fit for you.

With the programs in Economic and Business Education, we help you to prepare for a future career in teaching at vocational schools (for trade and industry) and offer you an excellent framework for your studies.

Phases of the Teacher Education program

  • The first phase (university),
  • the second phase (the preparatory service (Referendariat) at a permanent partner school (Ausbildungsschule) and a seminar for training and in-service training of teachers (Staatliches Seminar für Ausbildung und Fortbildung der Lehrkräfte)) and
  • the third phase (the first years of being a teacher and in-service training).

You can find out how the program is structured here.