With your endowment to the foundation's capital (“Vermögensstock”) you support the University of Mannheim Foundation in a long term and sustainable way. Therefore, endowments increase the foundation capital, i.e., they are not spent and have to be preserved for the foundation. Endowments sustainably improve the financial position of a foundation. They are tax-advantaged and can be made for a specific purpose or as an unrestricted gift to the organization. Key topics such as the digital, academic and international future of the University of Mannheim can only be addressed with the help of endowments. We greatly appreciate your support! 

You now also have the option to send us a capital contribution online.

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Bank Details of the Foundation

BNP Paribas Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE25 7603 0080 0300 0153 17 IBAN: DE41 6707 0010 0820 0198 00