Support for psychological counseling services at the Otto Selz Institute

The Otto Selz Institute (OSI) is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Mannheim. It combines research, teaching and therapy and has, among other things, a outpatient clinic that offers psychotherapy services according to the latest scientific standards.

Thanks to a generous gift from the E.W. Kuhlmann Foundation, the University of Mannheim Foundation has been able to support psychological counseling services at the OSI since summer 2022, which are aimed at students between their studies and careers. The consequences of the Corona pandemic, fears about the future, work-life balance and social challenges also burden students, who can specifically seek counseling sessions thanks to this funding.

By fall 2022, around 40 counseling sessions could already be held. The participating students find the offers very helpful and recommendable and have “developed a new perspective on the problem or a deeper understanding of the problem through the counseling,” as many mentioned in a first evaluation.