Expansion of E-learning

Since e-learning will continue to play an important role after the coronavirus crisis, a substantial expansion is necessary. In order to offer high-quality online courses and to support the students in developing their future skills, the University of Mannheim needs a better teaching and service infrastructure.
This includes the further development of teaching and learning methods and the expansion of course offerings in digital and data literacy, the development of self-study skills, design thinking and much more.
Therefore, a “Center for the Digitalization of Teaching” is to be established which will directly support teachers in the digitization of their teaching and include, for example, didactic advice, support in media design and production, as well as continuing education in instructional design. In order to provide the center with the best possible equipment and to keep increasing the competitive advantages of the University of Mannheim, an additional financial support is necessary. 500,000 euros are needed for technical equipment and personnel.

The University of Mannheim Foundation welcomes your support to help expand e-learning. 100 euros, 500 euros, 1,000 euros or more – any amount will help advance digitalization!

Support now

Digitalization can greatly benefit university teaching: Students can study at their own pace anywhere, any time. This increases motivation and success in their studies and is especially helpful to students who have a family or other responsibilities such as work or sports. By expanding the digital infrastructure we have laid the groundwork for the further development of university teaching. Many teachers welcome the benefits of digital teaching and are developing innovative teaching methods. Other exciting projects lay ahead of us, such as the increased internationalization of courses through digital tools and the establishment of an e-learning center providing advice and other services. And yet nothing can replace face-to-face contact. That is why the university brings first-year students in particular to campus for events and encourages them to network. After all, university is all about exchanging information and learning together.

Melanie Klinger – head of the Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Mannheim / Credit: Anna Logue