1. In accordance with the legal basis, the foundation exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “Tax-advantaged purposes” of the Fiscal Code of Germany (Abgabenordnung, AO).
  2. The purpose of the foundation is to promote excellence in teaching and research at the University of Mannheim, in particular to increase the appeal of the university for international students and academics, support digital competence and to provide answers to future challenges.
  3. The funds available shall be used for the purposes of the foundation only. The foundation’s work is carried out using the foundation's assets as well as financial contributions from third parties, provided that these are intended for this purpose and are not subject to any terms or conditions. 
  4. We use the funds wisely and effectively in accordance with the self-commitment (Selbstverpflichtung).
  5. Investments are made in compliance with our investment policy aiming at the preservation or growth of real value.
  6. We act in a non-political and non-denominational manner. 
  7. We take on societal challenges.  
  8. We inform the public on our goals, funding instruments and the use of funds.
  9. We value and maintain the cooperation with our donors and supporters.
  10. We develop and implement a set of criteria for evaluation.


Transparency is important to us. For us, this means not only disclosing the legally required information, but also being transparent about how we use our funds in order to provide you, as a potential or already active donor, with information about the purposeful, proper and economical use of funds. 

We are committed to making the following information available to the public and keeping it up to date:

Upon the initiative of “Transparency International Deutschland e.V.”, several academics and civil society actors have defined ten fundamental points that every civil society organization should make available to the public. The University of Mannheim Foundation is a member of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft and is happy to voluntarily comply with its self-commitment (Selbstverpflichtung): Ten points for more transparency

Code of ethics

As the University of Mannheim Foundation and as contributors to a sustainable and livable society, we have a special obligation to responsibly represent the values and standards of the University of Mannheim to the best of our knowledge and belief. Therefore, we act in accordance with our code of ethics. Read more

The University of Mannheim Foundation is also a member of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.