MISES Project

The foundation supports the “Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies” (MISES). The head of institute Professor Stefan J. Reichelstein has been an endowed professor of Business Administration at the University of Mannheim since July 2018. Over the past 30 years, Reichelstein has held professorships at internationally renowned universities, including UC Berkeley and Stanford. MISES examines the challenges and innovation opportunities that emerge from the transition to a decarbonized energy future. In particular, the studies focus on costs related to alternative, decarbonized strategies. The range of projects include the energy, transport and industry sectors. Professor Stefan Reichelstein and his team are always looking to share ideas and experiences on these topics with experts from science, business and politics.

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The Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies deals with the costs of energy transition. Our staff members analyze technological and economic developments, which will enable decarbonized energy sources to become competitive in the market.

Prof. Stefan Reichelstein, Ph.D. – endowed professor of Business Administration / Credit: Felix Zeiffer