Freudenberg Project: Master's Program Combining Economics and Law

Globalization and digitalization of economy as well as the energy transition and the European integration lead to serious changes in economy and society. This also changes the qualification requirements for lawyers and economists. Authorities and companies need graduates who can understand the technical and economic characteristics as well as the regulatory framework of the relevant industry and connect them together – a skill, which is not sufficiently developed in traditional law studies and master programs in economy. The new degree program combines two master’s programs in Economics and Law. The program establishes a close link between legal and economic components needed for a sound study of markets, competition, and regulation. The master's program in Economics and Law started in 2017, as scheduled. The foundation agreed to co-finance this program thanks to a donation made specifically for this purpose by Freudenberg SE.

The Freudenberg Gruppe has maintained a close relationship with the University of Mannheim for many decades. The development of the University of Mannheim into an internationally renowned research institution as well as an excellent educational institution for the next generation of managers is a great advantage for the metropolitan region. With the establishment of the Freudenberg Center for Law and Economics, Freudenberg is making an important contribution to the promotion of research and teaching at an interface between law and economics that is important for corporate practice. With this commitment, Freudenberg and the University of Mannheim continue their tradition of successful collaboration.

Dr. Ralf Krieger – Mitglied des Vorstandes der Freudenberg SE / Credit: Martin Joppen

Thanks to the support of companies, such as Freudenberg SE, that assume social responsibility, we are able to respond to current challenges such as digitalization and the energy transition and, with the Freudenberg Center for Law and Economics, provide a framework for master's programs that prepares lawyers for the changing demands of the labor market.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fetzer – Professor für Öffentliches Recht, Regulierungsrecht und Steuerrecht / Credit: Elisa Berdica

Even during my bachelor's degree in “Corporate Law” at the University of Mannheim, I was fascinated by the combination of legal and economic thinking. The master's program in “Competition Law and Regulation” was appealing to me from the very beginning because it optimally combines related aspects of law and economics and offers attractive opportunities for specialization in energy law and digital economy. This opens up exceptional career prospects for me.

Franziska – Student of the master's program in Competition Law and Regulation